Of Motherhood and Geeky Children

I had a strange day today.

I’m not sure what happened, because my day was not supposed to turn out this way. I had a simple goal – go to Target, pick up spinach. My awesome children I affectionately call the Oldest and the Youngest are on their last day of winter break. Remembering they had gift cards from Christmas, they ran upstairs and came back down already plotting what they were going to buy. The Youngest immediately tried to find a Spider Man Infinity figure for Xbox 360 that has been eluding us for months (when we remember to look), and the Oldest who has been saving for the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer came across something that made him forget about it completely. X-Wings are his favorite, and in the display box was Poe’s X-Wing fighter. It was $30 more than what he had on the gift card, but he was willing to give up his Imperial Star Destroyer money for this. Alas, it was out of stock. The Youngest found an Avengers Lego set that he immediately clung to while I tracked down a Target employee to find out if they had any on the way. No dice. But, we were assured a Target six miles down the road had four. Jumping in the car with the Youngest still holding his new Lego set and so excited he now had all the Avenger Lego characters (“Black Widow! Finally!”), I drove through lunch-hour traffic to get to the Target With The Thing.

At the store, the Oldest walked behind me, humming the Star Wars music as we searched for the toy aisle in this unfamiliar Target. We turned the corner and saw the X-Wing display, but again, no set. I found an employee who was very helpful and found that no, they didn’t have any, and definitely not the four we had been assured of. New shipments were going out and mistakes happen. She found the nearest one to us, another six miles away, that had three in stock. She asked if she needed to call and hold one for us, but I thought that surely if we drove straight there we would be fine and she didn’t need to be troubled with it.

Thanks to Google Maps I found the Target in a part of town I hadn’t been in, and we raced to the toy section, the Oldest so excited. This time, this time we were going to find it. He hummed the Star Wars theme even more enthusiastically, less of a hum, more of a DUUUUUUUUUUUUUNDUN DUHDUNDUHDUUUUUUNDUN at normal volume as we made our way through the aisles. I could see the disappointment in his face when we walked down the Lego aisle and there was no X-Wing.

I asked a Target employee if I could steal him for a moment, and after finding out that there were three in the store somewhere, they were refitting their toy section and the boxes and boxes of toys on carts at the end of each aisle told me that we weren’t going to find it. To his credit, the employee went through a few boxes, had a stack fall on him because I couldn’t catch them in time, and none of the ones he opened had Star Wars Legos. Bless all of the Target employees that politely helped me today, sans makeup and looking as exhausted as I felt with two kids in tow sporting faces that were a combination of excitedly anxious and let down.

The defeat was strong with this trip, but the Oldest shrugged and said he’d just not get anything today and would wait until we found one in stock after joking about going to seven more stores to make it an even ten. On the way home while the boys discussed who their favorite Doctor was (Ten is the general consensus), I couldn’t believe that I’d driven twenty miles away from the house just to find a Lego set. I never do that kind of thing. But his enthusiasm was infectious, and that is something I recognize. It wasn’t a whiny I want this so bad and I want it now! from a ten year old, but an I am so into this and it would be amazing if I could put this together and I’m willing to wait to get it kind of thing. And as they started weighing how much they missed Rose Tyler over Amy Pond and if they liked Nine or Twelve better, I realized that he hasn’t even seen the new Star Wars. He has Darth Vader everything, got the original trilogy for Christmas, and loves Star Wars probably more than anything else he’s ever gotten into, including Doctor Who, but I haven’t been able to take him to see the new movie.

If it doesn’t come back in stock soon, maybe we should get a theater gift card with his Target Gift Card and go to the movies.


Four days after this post was made, we receive a mysterious box in the mail.


Huge thank you to @mercymegaming. You’re unbelievable.


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