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Over this hiatus I’ve done a lot of art therapy for fun. I’m not an artist by any stretch, but I do enjoy making things, however good or bad I am at it. I’ve worked up graphics for my portfolio, applied to jobs, and actually done no writing. It was kind of nice to have my brain not overworking itself creating something for a moment. But then the Youngest wanted help in creating a superhero for Pop Culture Classroom’s contest at Denver Comic Con. He was really interested, but his attention strayed because…he’s eight. We decided to work on our separate computers on the Marvel website to create a base for a character that we would design and come up with a backstory for, and hopefully end with a comic.

While his mind wandered to something else, I found myself consumed over the past 36 hours with creating this character. I’ve never felt so desperate to make a character happen. Of course I have no idea how to go about making her come to life because she fits into a universe that is established and copyrighted, but here she is.

Disclaimer: None of the Marvel characters or groups listed below are my intellectual property and I have no rights to them. The character that is my intellectual property, including appearance and personality, is Serene Guipahgo (Sagacity). @ Marvel – Hire me. 

Meet Serene.

Character for the Marvel Universe by AD Wallis (AshinBlack)

Sagacity with glassesSerene concept

Real Name: Serene Guipahgo physical appearance inspired by Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs
Goes by: Serene (hates it when anyone calls her by her “superhero” name given to her by Vision)
Identity: Secret
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Aro/Ace
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165
Born: October 4, 1990
Ethnicity: Kiowa Nation
Location: Lives in DC Metro Area,  grew up in Oklahoma, Wyoming, and western Colorado
Appearance: Purple eyes and hair. Scarred right arm. Double amputee with metal prosthetics. Her outfit consists of a one-sleeved black undershirt, armored chest piece, a bracer on her right arm to match her metal left forearm/hand, black pants with gray outer stripes that hit her below the knee, and black boots.


Powers: Her mind slows her visual time so that everything is nearly at a stand still though moving in real-time, allowing her to react in stressful situations with precision. (Think Quicksilver, but she doesn’t move fast – her mind visually makes everything seem like it’s moving in slow motion.) Post Weapon-X: Ability to foresee up to six moves ahead, working to advance it.

Abilities: Quick reflexes, quick wit, easily learns and adapts to complex tactics with a strategic mind. Can shoot variety of weaponry and has a working knowledge of bows, knives, and her favorite weapon, a staff. Expert in hand to hand combat and stealth. Would rather injure than kill, but has no qualms about pulling the trigger when necessary.

Alliances: Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool (Avengers/X-Men)

Background: Serene joined the Army at 18. At 22, during her second deployment, Serene’s HMWVV hit an IED. She was sitting behind the driver, and her side took the brunt of the blast. After crawling out of the HMWVV with part of her left forearm blown off and her leg badly wounded, she pulled the TC from the passenger seat out of the vehicle that was on fire, leaving her with third degree burns down her right arm. She later swore that she could have saved the driver if she had only acted quicker. Later she would lose part of her left arm and leg, have hearing loss in her left ear, and skin grafts on her right arm.

Serene’s anxiety amplified with PTSD started to have a strange effect. In moments of stress, everything seemed to slow down; she felt as if she was underwater. Something that had happened to her all her life, this experience now happened more intensely and frequently after the accident.

At first, she couldn’t control the effect and complained of feeling like she was “seeing through Jello”, but realized that when she focused, she not only could visualize things happening slower in real-time, but had time to reassess and adjust her plan of action. Serene practiced this in a VA facility while healing from her burns and practicing with her prosthetic in games of soccer and basketball against fellow Veterans.

After her discharge, Serene was approached by someone claiming to be a VA representative, stating that they had treatments to help her PTSD and end her nightmares. After agreeing to try the experimental treatment, she realizes that she’d been lied to and uses her skills to escape – but not before her abilities are heightened by a serum that as a side effect clouded her eyes and tinted them purple. Now in addition to pausing time, she can predict the moves of her opponents up to six moves ahead. The name on the door to her room was Alexandria’s Genesis. What intent they had for her in what she would come to know as the Weapon-X program she didn’t know, but with her metal (adamantium) lower forearm, hand, shin, and foot, and the level of deception and secrecy involved, she assumed it wasn’t for a noble purpose.

Serene began attending meetings for war Veterans with PTSD where she meets a fellow Vet Sam Wilson who introduces her to Nick Fury.

Sense of humor, personality, and temperament:

Serene wears glasses. Tony Stark always asks her why she doesn’t wear contacts. She says her glasses make her feel smarter, and every time she pushes them up on the bridge of her nose, she feels like she’s being extra studious and finding out something important.  In truth, contacts dissolve in her eyes.

Any nicknames or jokes on her native heritage are squashed immediately. Instantly fires back with a burn that shuts you up. Zero interest in romantic/sexual relationships. Focused. Plays Bruce in chess and beats him frequently even though she never played before her accident. Goes on runs with Sam. Hangs out with Natasha. Plays baseball with Steve – no mitt.

Example dialogue:

Tony: “They teach you that on the rez?”
Serene: “I grew up in Aspen, Wonder Bread.”

Sam Wilson: “What’s with the one-sleeve?”
Serene: “Aesthetic.”

Tony: “I see the windows match the drapes.”
Serene: “I like to accessorize.”

Sam [looking at Serene’s burn scars on her arm while she plays Xbox]: “So that’s why the one-sleeve.”
Serene: “Like I said. Aesthetics.”
Sam: “You shouldn’t be -”
Serene: “I’m not ashamed or embarrassed. It’s sensitive, so I protect it. Simple as that. Plus, there’s no shame in being burned, but there’s no shame in wanting to cover it sometimes either.”

Tony: “You shoot a bow? Why do you use a stick?”
Serene: “Don’t want to put Barton out of a job. I’m nice like that.”

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: “If you tell anyone we went to see Ed Sheeran….”
Serene: “I won’t say anything. But you should like what you like. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it sucks. BTdubs, Taylor Swift is coming in August. Not that you’d be interested.”

[has Barton on the floor in a kneebar]
Serene: “Thick thighs save lives.”
Clint: “I…think….they might end them…too.”
Sam: “Tap out, man! Tap out!”

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